Scholarship Application 2019

The term “social good” is used to describe an act or service that benefits society. Acts or services impact and benefit the largest number of people in a region in the largest way possible, and this is why the Pedro Pallares Autism Foundation believes that if you want to make a difference, you can!!!! By applying yourself and supporting causes that matter to you, you can make a difference in the world. The scholarship program at the Pedro Pallares Autism Foundation is made possible by the generous support and investment of its Board of Directors and their efforts in getting our community involved.

Scholarship Awards Available:

  • 20 – $1000 scholarships
  • 4 – $500 scholarships

These annual scholarships will be to scholars of honorable mention.

To be considered for a scholarship, the Pedro Pallares Autism Foundation requires a completed application packet. Applicants MUST submit the following:

  1. Completed Application Form (on the right).
  2. A 750-1,000-word essay in response to the prompt below. Essays should be typed, double spaced, 12-point font, using Times New Roman, and margins should be at 1 inch.
  3. Please address only the prompt.
  4. Approval from your Regional Director.

Additional Criteria:

  • Applicants are to submit a brief biography and recent photo of themselves. The photo will be used for publicity purposes on the PPAF website.
  • Applicants are to submit Proof of Enrollment as a Graduate Degree candidate at an accredited college/university/program in the United States.
  • Candidates have three days to accept the scholarship award. If the selected candidate does not respond within the allotted time, another winner will be chosen.
  • An annual Award Dinner will take place at our annual PPAF to celebrate and congratulate the Pedro Pallares Autism Foundation awardees.
  • Scholarship funds will be dispersed to the awardees via check and are mailed out after the scholarship award is accepted by the nominee.


Please include a 750-1000-word Statement of Impact regarding your education and the field of Applied Behavior Analysis.

How would earning your BCBA help you address the current issues that we are facing in the space of Autism and Behavioral Health?

Application Deadline:

Applications must be clearly postmarked, or date stamped by Friday, February 15, 2019. Please submit the complete application packet to:

PPAF Scholarship Committee
1025 Atlantic Ave, Suite 101
Alameda, CA 94501


  • Applicants must have a minimum duration of 1-year of part-time or full-time employment at their current employer.
  • Approval from their Regional Director (1 paragraph in length).
  • Must possess or show proof of enrollment in a master’s degree program within the space of autism, education, psychology, or behavior analysis.
  • Applicants must be BCBA-bound and able to show proof of acceptance/enrollment to an accredited BCBA program.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Final selection of the Pedro Pallares Autism Foundation Scholars will be announced in March and all applicants will be notified of their status.
  2. Awardees will be asked to record a 3-minute video for the PPAF to disperse on social media accounts describing the scholarship’s impact on your education. Recording and support for this will be provided by the Pedro Pallares Autism Foundation.

For further information or questions about applying for a scholarship, contact us at The Pedro Pallares Autism Foundation at