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The Pedro Pallares Autism Foundation

The Pedro Pallares Autism Foundation (PPAF) is a 501c3 charitable organization dedicated to supporting the education of professionals by providing scholarships and enhancing services for individuals affected by autism.


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Mission & Vision

Our goal is to partner with passionate individuals, organizations, and governments to bring creative, dynamic, and effective solutions that reshape the possibilities for individuals with autism and the professionals that work with them. The PPAF is an organization that focuses on helping families affected by autism who are facing challenges and need financial support, on raising funds for autism research, to encourage the pursuit of education and self-improvement by awarding scholarships to extraordinary young leaders in the industry, increase community awareness in the Bay Area and across the globe, to compile and disseminate the most up-to-date information regarding multi-disciplinary approaches for treating autism. Our mission is to educate families, healthcare professionals, and all communities about the characteristics and needs of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

We are a foundation built on compassion for those who face the day to day challenges that autism brings. Here at the Pedro Pallares Autism Foundation, we develop solutions for communities around the world in need of services, cultivate a new generation of educated specialists, and drive autism research to new possibilities.


Welcome to the Pedro Pallares Autism Foundation

Thank you for taking the time to visit and learn more about us. The Pedro Pallares Autism Foundation is a non-profit, independent organization established in September 2016. The Pedro Pallares Autism Foundation’s efforts are inspired by the man who believed fervently in the idea of equality, justice, and opportunity for all, my father Pedro Pallares. The Pedro Pallares Autism Foundation has three core areas of activity, which include financial support for families to cover costs associated with critical expenses related to the treatment of autism spectrum disorders, scholarships for future clinicians in the field, bringing education and training to across the globe and to help fund research projects that include studies related to treatment and positive outcomes through best practices.